Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shine Your Special Light

Put March 15, 6:00 pm on your calendar!

The Primary is hosting their annual evening of talent for the Ely Stake Primary Children.  Your Ward Primary Presidencies have the sign up sheets so start getting ready.  Children can sing, dance, read poetry, or preform a talent that Heavenly Father has given to them. 

Everyone receives a special treat who brings their flashlight.

March Presidency Message

I will take this month's message from the recent Stake Conference.  It consisted of WONDERFUL meetings!  President Fullmer, in his talk during the Adult Session on Saturday night, summed up the previous talks by giving us some counsel.  He said:

How wonderful it is to understand God's plan for us.  He HAS a plan for all of us and we willingly accepted that plan when we left His presence.  Remembering that fact will help us keep an eternal perspective.  He read from the hymn "I'll Go Where You Want Me to go, Dear Lord" and quoted 1 Nephi 3:7.  When we go to church it needs to be more than just "going" it needs to include going, saying, doing, and being.  Let's DO sacrament and DO our meetings, and DO Sunday School.  Living the gospel is not  a single event it is a process.  He invited us all to become part of that process to become what our Heavenly Father envisioned for us in the pre-existance. 

As Primary workers we can help the young children we work with also learn to go, say, do, and be what the Lord want's them to become.  Thank you for all you do as you help Father's children learn principles necessary to bring them back home to Him.  We love you.  We pray for you.  We continually ask the Lord to bless you for your service.

Auxillary Training Meeting

Don't forget to put the Auxiliary Training Meeting on your Calender for April 28!  

Theme:  As Children of God We Answer the Savior's call to "Come Follow Me!"
The Stake Presidency will be instructing all auxiliaries during the opening session.  Primary will then meet for about 35 minutes.  After a short welcome all Ward Presidencies and Music Leaders will share ideas on what's working well in their Primaries!

So tell your Presidencies and Ward Music Leaders to start thinking!

March Calendar

Mar 2  - 3rd Ward Baptism
Mar 6 - McGill Blue & Gold 6 pm

Mar 7 - Cub Scouts Roundtable 6 pm
             Scout District Meeting 7 pm
             PPI with Pres Willis 8:15 pm
Mar 15 - Stake Primary Activity (Shine Your Special Light)
Mar 30 - 3rd Ward Baptism
Apr 4 - Cut Scout Round table 6 pm
             Scout District Committee 7 pm
             PPI with Pres Willis 8:15 pm
April 6-7 - General Conference
Apr 14 - StakeAaronic Priesthood Preview 6 pm
Apr 23 - Stake Primary Presidency Meeting 6:15 pm
Apr 26 - District Pinewood Derby 6 pm
Apr 28 - Auxiliary Training 6 pm