Wednesday, January 23, 2013

STAKE GOAL for 2013

President Fullmer has challenged each ward to a 2013 goal.  Each ward conference we were encourage to be ministers of Christ.  He encouraged us to improve in basic things we need to be doing, such as:  having personal and family prayer, regular family home evening, attending church meetings, magnifying callings, fasting, following the prompts of the Holy Ghost, and continuing scripture study.  These basics will help us with the stake goal for 2013.  He is challenging each ward to set a goal to baptize an entire ward through family history and temple work.  SO...Let's get busy and FIND those family members who are waiting!

Baptize a ward!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ward Coference Reports

We could never thank each ward enough for all the good they do for their children in Primary, but we also will never stop trying.  THANK YOU and my Heavenly Father bless you for your service!  Here are just a few outstanding things each ward is doing that we would like to share.

McGill Ward:  Once again, their ward is a wonderful example of how an entire ward works together to help one another.  To start off their block, two reverence children stand with arms folded in the front of the chapel as everyone enters for sacrament meeting.  This really sets the tone.  Finally, in when passing out talks, they don't just call on one child, they have grouped their talks by family.  This week the ______family children will give talks, prayer, and/or scripture.  It is a great way to help mom and dad remember as well as be available for ALL of their children's shining moments without missing too many of their own meetings.

1st Ward:  They were an excellent example of using the sharing time lessons while incorporating music to help children understand doctrine in both.  They truly understood and incorporated the ideas from the first presidency to help children (1) identify the doctrine, (2) encourage understanding, and (3) encourage application.  They were using the "blessings" jar as well as the "gift box" proposed in the outline and passed out by the stake. 

Lund Ward:  Their love and enthusiasm for he children's presence was evident when you enter the room.  They even had a "Love Tree."  This 3-D tree had all the children's pictures letting them all know they were loved.  They used Popsicle sticks to draw helpers names which even included visitors names so all would feel included.

2nd Ward:  Again, their love was evident.  Because of that love, the Spirit was present as the children sang and the teachers taught.  The children were treated with respect and kindness and all teachers pitched in when help was needed to calm a nervous Sun-beam, help another teacher, or help a child coloring.  Additionally, they made the effort to call EVERY child by name.  Nice JOB!

Garrison Branch:

3rd Ward:

Friday, January 4, 2013

January Presidency Message

As our new year of Sharing Time begins, we start with teaching the primary children of their relationship with their Heavenly Father.  We truly are children of God! Our new outline says "As we show love for those we teach, they become more receptive to the Spirit...You can increase your love for the children as you pray for them, get to know their interests and concerns, call them by name, and listen attentively to them."

Take the time to review the instructions from our First Presidency to (1) Identify the doctrine, (2) Encourage understanding, and (3) Encourage application.  Each lesson this year has identified these three goals with EVERY week's activities. 

Yet another thing to help the children understand their relation to their Heavenly Father is teach them to pray to him.  By opening lines of communication, children can feel the Spirit as their lives are directed.  In January's Friend President Monson tells how he learned the importance of prayer in his life.  He tells is that "as we pray daily, we will be entitled to Heavenly Father's guidance--even in...small things."

Thank you for all you do to teach and train our Heavenly Father's youngest children here on Earth.  Our prayers are for you, your primaries, and your families.

Stake Baptism Fireside

Don't forget to put the Stake Baptismal Fireside on your calendar for January 13, 6 pm

This is for all Primary children who will be turning 8 during the 2013 year.  However, EVERYONE is invited to share this special event with them including:  Stake Presidency, Bishoprics, Primary Presidencies, Primary Teachers, Activity Day Leaders, Parents, Siblings, Friends, and more. 

Come learn what baptism and confirmation are about, listen to children who have recently been baptized bear testimony of their baptism, and receive a personal Baptism Booklet to record your special day.

The Fourth Article of Faith teachers us:  We believe that the first principles and ordinances of the gospel are:  first, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, repentance; third, baptism by immersion for the remission of sins; fourth, laying on of hand for the gift of the Holy Ghost.

January Calander Events

Jan 3 - 6 pm Cub Scout Round table
            7 pm District Scout Committee
Jan 13 - McGill Ward Conference 9
               1st Ward Conference 11:00
              Stake Baptismal Fireside 6 pm
Jan 20 - Lunch Ward Coference 9
               2nd Ward Conference 1 pm
Jan 22 - Stake Primary Presidency Meeting
Jan 27 - 3rd Ward Conference 9 am
               Garrison Branch Conference 9 am