Sunday, May 19, 2013

CSI: Cub Scout Investigation

Watch for MORE coming news about the Cub Scout Day Camp on June 29 at the McGill Park/Pool.  The theme this year is "Cub Scout Investigation."  Scouts will participate in 45 minute stations under the direction of each unit.  Swimming will start at 4 pm and a pot luck dinner for families will begin at 5:30 pm.

Notify YOUR Cubs and their families to put this GREAT activity on their calendars!

May & June Presidency Message

Summer is coming, school will be out soon, and many families will be traveling.  During these busy summer months it is often hard to keep track of the youth in our primaries.  However, keeping in contact in today's world of modern technology is not impossible.  Email, blogs, websites, texting, phone calls, and even old fashion "snail-mail" are just a few great ways for teachers and presidencies to keep in contact with missing children.  Sending a little note saying "we missed you" is a great way to let children know you love them and are thinking of them.  By sending a short note with the week's lesson message helps children remember that Heavenly Father and Jesus love them and care for them also.

We hope you also know how much we love and appreciate all you do in your callings.  We pray for your success and happiness regularly in both your callings and in your homes.  We also testify that Heavenly Father and Jesus also love you and are pleased with your service toward His children.

Finally, we would ask all to pray for President Monson with the passing of his dear wife Francis.  Though we pray for him on a regular basis, we can ask Heavenly Father to bless him with peace and comfort.  To read a tribute to Sister Monson go to Frances B. Monson: A Gift and Blessing.

May & June Calendars

May 2 - Cub Roundtable 6 pm
              Scout District Meeting 7 pm
              PPI with President Willes 8:15
May 4 - 2nd Ward Baptism 2 pm
May 14 - Stake Council 2 pm
May 28 - Stake Primary Presidency Meeting 6:15 pm
June 1 - Stake Baptism 2 pm
June 6 - Cub Scout Roundtable 6 pm
              Scout District Committee 7 pm
              PPI with President Willes 8:15 pm
June 29 - Cub Scout Day Camp