Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Presidency Message

This picture is found in Gospel Teaching and Learning, the CES Handbook from the church.  As you look at this picture and contemplate your relationship to our Savior this Christmas Season; ask yourself, "Where would I be in this picture?"  How am I following my Savior Jesus Christ?  The manual then says,

"He invited them to testify, and as they did, the Spirit touched their hearts...His purpose was to help them become converted through their service to others...In every setting, He was their example and mentor.  He taught them to pray by praying with them.  He taught them to love and serve by the way He loved and served them.  He taught them how to teach His gospel by the way He taught it...This then, is your sacred calling--to teach as the Savior taught.  As you do, the youth will give place in their hearts for the seed of the gospel to be planted, to swell, and to grow."

Thank you for your service in the Lord's kingdom in His Primary organization.  Thank you for your example of the Savior's love to the children of our stake.  As you go about this wonderful month of December in which we ponder more deeply about the Savior and His love, think about your relationship and where you are following.  We thank you again for your love and devotion to the children of our stake and wish you all a Very Merry Christmas filled with the Savior's love and blessings.

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