Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sept Presidency Message

 Sacrament programs are beginning.  It is wonderful to see what the children have learned through the year about being a Child of God.  3rd Ward had their primary sacrament meeting first, this morning (Sept 8) and really started it of great.  Their primary had each class answer a question that they had REALLY pondered over and learned about, and then each class shared their original testimonies on questions such as:  Who is Jesus Christ?  What have I learned from the prophets?  What do I know about the restored gospel?  It was heart warming and testimony building to hear their simple pure words of answers to these questions.

Thank you all for bearing your testimonies through your lives, your teachings, and your music as you serve in Primary.  There can be no greater call than to teach his little ones.  Our biggest responsibility in ANY calling is to bring others to Christ.  You definitely do this in your Primary meetings.  It is manifest through the lives of the children you teach.  May God bless you for what you do.

Upcoming Auxiliary Training Meeting:

10 November, 6:00 pm
Primary presidencies please come prepared to share your finest moments from Sharing or Singing Time this year.  You may bring hand-outs and visuals if you would like.  You will only have 5 minutes for your presentation.  We look forward to seeing every and will enjoy sharing.

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