Monday, January 16, 2012

January Ward Conference Reports:

As ward conferences are underway, we will provide you with the BEST ideas we saw in each ward!  We hope that sharing these great ideas will help your own ward increase the Spirit of the Lord in your Primary as you teach children how to Choose the Right.

Ely 1st Ward (1-15-12)
The first ward had some GREAT ideas they were using with their primary children.  The three best included:  (1) A "Primary Song CD" that was given to each family.  Their music leader, Sister Paula Moore, downloaded all songs they are practicing for this years primary program and put them on a CD.  She then created a cute CD cover and gave each family a copy of all the songs to practice at home and use in Family Home Evening.  (2) The next thing she did was create a typed "Song Lyric" sheet for each teacher of all the songs.  This eliminated the problem of pulling out song books for teachers, instead they all had a one sheet piece of paper to keep in their binders with all the words on them.  Teachers have ENOUGH to carry!  (3) The final great idea was they took the time at the end of primary, as the parents were picking up children, to practice the articles of faith.   The children remained in their seats and practiced an article of faith while waiting for parents to come get them.  It eliminated a lot of confusion at the end of primary.  GREAT JOB 1st ward.  We hope these ideas help your ward.

Ely 2nd Ward (1-22-12)

The 2nd ward is really focusing on reverence and WOW does it show!  Their large primary was extremely reverent and you could feel the Spirit as the children were taught.  While they did some REALLY fun, learning activities, I have to focus on their reverence:  (1)  The entire ward is working toward reverence and a "reverence child" from the Primary was chosen to stand before the congregation in Sacrament Meeting.  It really set the example and added to the Spirit of the meeting.  (2)  Second, they meet together as an entire Primary (and that was large) before splitting to classes.  With a large number of Primary students you might expect some irreverence, but the meeting began with a quiet reverence song and you could feel the Spirit which influenced the children's behavior.  (3)  Finally, "wait time" was incorporated to increase reverence when needed.  If Primary children got a little talkative, the Primary Leader would quietly say she was going to "wait" till they settled down before continuing the learning activity.  Thanks 2nd ward for working to increase the reverence in your ward and Primary.  It really added to the spirit and helped the children learn the lessons of sharing time and singing time, which were EXCELLENT.

Ely 3rd Ward (1-29-12)

here are just SOME of the great ideas from 3rd ward.  (1)  First, they had a wonderful idea for passing out assignments for the following week.  The Secretary keeps a small form with boxes to check for scripture, talk, prayer, etc.  She fills out the forms and then places them in the Primary "Mail Box."  This cute mail box is up front and at the end of each Sharing Time Sesson and child is choosen to pass out the mail.  It is a really fun way to engage all the young people as they excitedly wait to see if THEY will be next.  (2) It was really apparent that the leaders loved and supported the chidlren of their ward and it was reflected in the children's behavior.  First, a young sunbeam came in crying and stressed from the newness of primary.  Teachers immediately sat by him, another child was chosen to sit by him also, he was included in everything including singing time, example of reverence child, and sharing time.  He was constantly being praised for his good behavior and soon came to be very comfortable and had a great time.  (3)  Finally, the use of additional approved sources was also apparent in the meeting.  During Jr. Sharing Time they used an article from the Friend, and during Sr. Sharing Time they used an article from the Ensign to continue teaching accountability for the month.  These GREAT resources were used effectively, talked about to the children, and encouraged as a support at home for Family Home Evening.  GREAT JOB 3rd ward.  The Spirit of the Lord was evident in our teaching and love for the children of your ward.

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