Sunday, February 5, 2012

Presidency's Message

     As we ponder our 2012 stake scripture and goals, we testify that our Heavenly Father's loving kindness is real. He is mindful of each member of our stake. His Son, Jesus Christ, is the Redeemer. The Holy Ghost testifies of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and of the truth restored.
     As members of the Primary organization, we will strive with unwearied diligence and holiness of heart to develop a mind that learns, find a spirit that burns, cultivate a heart that turns to the Savior, and prepare our soul to earn our Father's blessings.
     We pray for you and the children you serve. We pray that you will receive revelation for your sacred stewardship and act upon it. We stand ready to ease your burdens and lighten your load. Please let us know how we can serve you.
     Every act of love, kindness, and service you render is recorded in heaven. In the words of President George Albert Smith, "Let us evidence our appreciation for what the Lord has given us by serving Him, and we are serving Him when we do good to His children. Freely we have received, now freely give (see Matthew 10:8).
With love,
Rolayne, Shauna, Cammie, and Kaylene

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