Friday, January 4, 2013

January Presidency Message

As our new year of Sharing Time begins, we start with teaching the primary children of their relationship with their Heavenly Father.  We truly are children of God! Our new outline says "As we show love for those we teach, they become more receptive to the Spirit...You can increase your love for the children as you pray for them, get to know their interests and concerns, call them by name, and listen attentively to them."

Take the time to review the instructions from our First Presidency to (1) Identify the doctrine, (2) Encourage understanding, and (3) Encourage application.  Each lesson this year has identified these three goals with EVERY week's activities. 

Yet another thing to help the children understand their relation to their Heavenly Father is teach them to pray to him.  By opening lines of communication, children can feel the Spirit as their lives are directed.  In January's Friend President Monson tells how he learned the importance of prayer in his life.  He tells is that "as we pray daily, we will be entitled to Heavenly Father's guidance--even in...small things."

Thank you for all you do to teach and train our Heavenly Father's youngest children here on Earth.  Our prayers are for you, your primaries, and your families.

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