Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ward Coference Reports

We could never thank each ward enough for all the good they do for their children in Primary, but we also will never stop trying.  THANK YOU and my Heavenly Father bless you for your service!  Here are just a few outstanding things each ward is doing that we would like to share.

McGill Ward:  Once again, their ward is a wonderful example of how an entire ward works together to help one another.  To start off their block, two reverence children stand with arms folded in the front of the chapel as everyone enters for sacrament meeting.  This really sets the tone.  Finally, in when passing out talks, they don't just call on one child, they have grouped their talks by family.  This week the ______family children will give talks, prayer, and/or scripture.  It is a great way to help mom and dad remember as well as be available for ALL of their children's shining moments without missing too many of their own meetings.

1st Ward:  They were an excellent example of using the sharing time lessons while incorporating music to help children understand doctrine in both.  They truly understood and incorporated the ideas from the first presidency to help children (1) identify the doctrine, (2) encourage understanding, and (3) encourage application.  They were using the "blessings" jar as well as the "gift box" proposed in the outline and passed out by the stake. 

Lund Ward:  Their love and enthusiasm for he children's presence was evident when you enter the room.  They even had a "Love Tree."  This 3-D tree had all the children's pictures letting them all know they were loved.  They used Popsicle sticks to draw helpers names which even included visitors names so all would feel included.

2nd Ward:  Again, their love was evident.  Because of that love, the Spirit was present as the children sang and the teachers taught.  The children were treated with respect and kindness and all teachers pitched in when help was needed to calm a nervous Sun-beam, help another teacher, or help a child coloring.  Additionally, they made the effort to call EVERY child by name.  Nice JOB!

Garrison Branch:

3rd Ward:

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